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    Deathbed Edition, as a brand and a clothing company, was founded on the simple notion that we should all strive to live a life worth writing about; That we are each the authors of our own stories and that we should each be writing the stories that we would want to read.


    At Deathbed Edition, we make quality clothing and accessories that stand up to our customer's everyday needs and daily adventures; while also fitting in well with their distinct styles and expressive personalities.


    We see Deathbed Edition as a community brand; A brand that can help to further build communities while also giving something back and becoming an integral part of those communities. Deathbed Edition is a creative tool/brand that enables us to build relationships and develop lasting friendships with those involved in the communities that we become a part of.


    We want to sincerely thank all of our customers and everyone who has been supporting us. We would also like to ask for continued support from all of you in order to help us realize our dreams for the future of Deathbed Edition. Please tell your friends about our company and encourage them to support our growing brand as well. Please also tag and mention @deathbededition (#deathbededition) as you share some of your stories and posts on social media. We would love to share the stories you are writing for yourselves.

    Your support is greatly appreciated.

    Chris and Heather

    (Co-owners, Deathbed Edition Clothing Co.)